$KNIFES token

Total supply - 250 $KNIFES.

Previously 500 were issued, 250 of them were burned by us. Token permanently burned by holders in exchange for NFTs.

Issuer address (rBdhf3SADW7ZXk6VaCDM9Pzq5FkKngNVF7) has Blackholed status, which means that the supply of tokens is limited and no one can create more.

Trustline: https://xrpl.services/?issuer=rBdhf3SADW7ZXk6VaCDM9Pzq5FkKngNVF7&currency=4B4E494645530000000000000000000000000000&limit=500

Chart (DEX) - https://sologenic.org/trade?market=4B4E494645530000000000000000000000000000%2BrBdhf3SADW7ZXk6VaCDM9Pzq5FkKngNVF7%2FXRP&network=mainnet

History of $KNIFES

The history of knives starts at the same time as the start of our project in the autumn of 2021. We created 500 tokens, which you can exchange for a 3D model of the knife to use in any other metavirtual universe.

This business model was doomed to fail and we decided to change the concept of the project, starting to create a full-fledged P2E shooter.

At the moment, by owning a $KNIFES token, you own all the paid content in the game and increased earnings of $XWAR tokens.

The initial development of the project lies deep in our heart and it is safe to say that the knife gives you 'god mode' in X-WAR, for X-WAR was created from the Knife, just as Eve was created from Adam's rib, just as the universe was created from the big bang!

Legend has it that one day there will come a period when it will be almost impossible for the average person to buy a knife in the market...

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Airdrop - 85 $KNIFES - 34% - rP89Tun7W9t3cVvqejK598AEtaQufQZZXA

Team - 82,5 $KNIFES - 33% - rafmCKLE8TcxpzXE7HunHWoHvQbADtDrYh

Promote - 82,5 $KNIFES - 33% - rDeutGfpSMWDvs77oN7XAZWM57BRiDFxr3

Exchange $KNIFES for NFT

  1. Send 1 $KNIFES to our XRP address: rafmCKLE8TcxpzXE7HunHunWoHvQbADtDrYh (token will be burned)

By submitting a token, you will get in line to receive a knife. We will choose the knife using a randomiser.

Once you have been assigned a knife, you must set up a trust line on the knife page on the marketplace and we will send the NFT to your wallet.

To see your assigned NFT knife, see this table:

FULL HD photo of knives: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cCCcPX88SaEUZY1arOiMWPJ8EMswEM82?usp=sharing

How to buy $KNIFES?

  1. Install the XUMM app - https://xumm.app/

  2. Create a wallet and send $XRP there

10 XRP is taken as a reserve, 2 XRP for setting up the trustline (blockchain requirements)

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